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Getting Started

What distribution should I use?

The short answer is that it depends on your needs.

If you want to embed Piranha into your application you can pick Piranha Embedded to start embedding Piranha directly into your own application.

If you are looking for a lean REST runtime then you should pick Piranha Core Profile.

If you are looking for a traditional Servlet container, similar to Tomcat and Jetty, then Piranha Server or Piranha Servlet are your best bet. For hosting multiple web applications on the same distribution use Piranha Server. For hosting just a single web application pick Piranha Servlet.

If you are wondering what Jakarta EE or Micro Profile specification each of the distribution supports see our Jakarta EE / Micro Profile matrix

Distribution specific documentation

Maven Plugin documentation

If you are using Maven and want to use our convenient Maven plugin for a quick iterative development cycle, see the Piranha Maven plugin documentation.

Extending Piranha

You can extend the capability of a Piranha distribution by means of extensions.

How do you run Piranha in a container

Unfortunately because Docker Inc has decided to no longer support the Free Team plan we can only make the Dockerfiles available on our GitHub repository for you to build the Docker images on your own (e.g. see the dist/webprofile directory). If you desire commercially supported images we suggest you contact our commercial partner OmniFish.